Stormy Weather

The IPCC report on climate change warns of serious consequences if we don’t curb fossil fuel emissions. Under what’s called a "business-as-usual" scenario, we will create a vastly diminished future for us and our children. We need to take responsibility for the adverse impact of our activities, drastically reduce environmentally destructive practices at organizational, policy, and … Continue reading Stormy Weather

UX for Immigrants

In the May 2016 issue of intercom (get PDF here), I wrote about the unique challenges web developers and technical communicators face when creating content for immigrants. Because immigrants balance multiple cultural identities, content creators need to focus less on one specific cultural orientation and more on how different cultures are integrated in online activity.

Mexican-Americans Online/Preferencias Culturales: Mexicanos-Americanos en la Web

Mexican-Americans comprise the largest and most important demographic of immigrants to the United States. This article, published by UXPA Magazine, presents data from a study detailing their web use habits and preferences. El Proyecto de Tendencias Hispánicas de Pew en 2011 reportó que este grupo es muy importante demográficamente, ya que los mexicano-americanos son la … Continue reading Mexican-Americans Online/Preferencias Culturales: Mexicanos-Americanos en la Web