Communication, Culture and Cyberspace

The convergence of online media and globalization poses three challenges for technical communicators: (1) how to create online materials usable by culturally distinct audiences; (2) how cultural and linguistic characteristics affect the nature of international online interaction; and (3) how globalization impacts education and training through international online media. Published in Culture, Communication, & Cyberspace: Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments. Edited by Kirk St.Amant and me.

Card Sorts by Multi-Ethnic Users

Most everyone agrees that web site design should be tailored to the specific needs, moraes, and habits of groups based on culture. However, some situations involve the interaction of groups from many different cultures at once. Examples might include social media users networked with people worldwide; multi-national business sites; and educational support systems combining US … Continue reading Card Sorts by Multi-Ethnic Users